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Kenya Air Traffic Controllers Association (KATCA)

Kenya Air Traffic Controllers Association (KATCA) is a professional body for Air Traffic Controllers in Kenya and an affiliate of International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations (IFATCA). It is a non-profit making organization.
It brings together air traffic control professionals with the view of safeguarding the professional aspects of the Air traffic control while still maintaining its apolitical stance.

KATCA promotes safety, efficiency and regularity of civil aviation in Kenya. It also assists and advises in the development of a safe and orderly air traffic management systems, while still upholding high standards of knowledge and professional efficiency among air traffic control professionals as spelt out in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Air Traffic Services objectives. In addition to this, it also seeks to protect and safeguard the interests of Air traffic control professionals.

The KATCA Membership has grown steadily to 160 as at January 2020 since it’s inception.

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Kenya Air Traffic Controllers Association (KATCA)


The objectives of the association are :-
  1. To operate as a non-political professional body of Air Traffic Controllers.
  2. To promote safety, efficiency and regularity in both local and international air navigation.
  3. To assist and advise in the development of safe and orderly systems of Air Traffic Control.
  4. To promote and uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency among Air Traffic Controllers and at the same time protect and safeguard the interest of the profession.
  5. To make mutual benefit affiliation with other professional organizations both locally and internationally.
To achieve these the Association will :-
  1. Closely co-operate with national and international aviation authorities and other institutions or persons concerned with air navigation.
  2. Assist in the development of new procedures and facilities necessary and useful for the safety of national and international air traffic.
  3. Afford a forum for discussion of aviation problems with particular emphasis on air traffic control as it affects the state and make the results of such forum in form of recommendations known to the appropriate authority for consideration or implementation.
  4. Also sponsor and support the passage of legislation and regulations, which will increase and protect the safety of air navigation for the benefit of members, public or advancement of aviation in general.
Meet our Executive Team
Our mission is to contribute towards a safer and more efficient air transport system in East Africa.  We owe it to the flying public, who have entrusted their lives in us to provide them with a safe flight home.  As such, the Association is committed to enhancing aviation safety by promoting the highest level of professionalism and technical competence amongst our members.